Cardamom Oil:

Anti cramps
It treats muscle cramps, respiratory problems, asthma, and coughing.
It functions as a very powerful disinfectant.
By adding a few drops of this oil to the water when mouth washing, it cleans the mouth from bacteria and gets rid of bad smells. It could also be used to get rid of bacteria in drinking water. Moreover, cardamom is useful in food as it adds a very unique taste.
Digestive system: it improves digestion by stimulating the entire digestive system, maintaining a healthy stomach, and it helps with releasing gastric juices and bile acids in the stomach. It protects the stomach from infections.
It helps you stay alert.
It stimulates the secretion of various enzymes, hormones, gastric juices; it stimulates blood circulation and thus maintains a healthy metabolism throughout the body.
It helps with lack of urination and thus helps with weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and cleansing the body from various toxins.
It stimulates libido, helps with cases of sexual impotence and loss of libido.
Body temperature: with high body temperatures, cardamom oil increases sweating and helps reduce symptoms of the common cold. It alleviates the headaches that are associated with the cold and it helps with diarrhea in the cold weather.

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