Lemon Oil

Lemon oil protects the skin by detoxifying it and by pore tightening. It restores vitality to the face and gives it a shiny look. Lemon oil is also effective in treating pimples; it drains them from the root and gets rid of their effect. It is used as a natural disinfectant as it gets rid of excess fat. Lemon oil maintains and strengthens the hair effectively and strongly: it increases the freshness and vitality, strengthens the hair follicles, helps the scalp get rid of excess dandruff, and makes it stronger and firmer. It provides the hair strands with the necessary nutrients and strengthens them from the root and improves their growth. Lemon oil is very useful in the making of various creams, lotions, cosmetics, and perfumes since it has a fantastic aroma. Its characteristics help get rid of facial pores and cleanse the skin thoroughly. It relieves depression, discomfort, stress, and anxiety and helps the brain relax after excessive effort and mental and physical stress.
It has been shown to be effective in calming the nervous system and preventing neural tension. It helps get rid of dizziness and strong headaches. Lemon oil helps maintain a good sleep away from discomfort, fatigue, exhaustion, and insomnia. Lemon oil strengthens the immune system and increases its effectiveness because it contains several different vitamins which stimulate the white blood cells. It improves blood flow and its movement in the body and makes it more useful. Lemon oil gets rid of high body temperature and prevents epidemics such as malaria. It treats problems in the digestive system, gets rid of gas loosens the muscles in the stomach. It reduces digestive problems and stomach acidity as well as reduces cramps and convulsions in the stomach and intestines. Lemon oil is also useful when making air fresheners because of its strong aroma.

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